What's inside? (Shadow Play set)

SHAPLABOO™ Shadow Play Set includes:

1. Shadow Play Book

A unique, patented design that brings the pages upright when the book is opened. Just perfect for shadow performance.

The magical book has 9 pages with laser-cut illustrations and text underneath that detail the plot of the tale.

The last page is a setting without the characters, which allows you to create your own continuation of the tale. SHAPLABOO™ Shadow Puppets will help with this.

2. Shadow Puppets

The set includes 8 to 10 highly-detailed figurines, depending on the tale.

The Shadow Puppets involve the child more in the game and encourage the development of imagination, because with them he can think up his own stories. In addition, the figures allow several children to take part in the performance at once.

A great option for a children's party!