— Every night I read books to my daughter until she falls asleep, and sometimes we play shadow theatre. It's easy to make a rabbit or a dog with your hands, but one night, Agnia asked me to show her Thumbelina. We decided to cut out a paper silhouette and spent a lot of time on this, but she did not come out as pretty as we imagined. So I thought to myself: I wish we had a shadow theatre, something you just set up on the table, turn on the flashlight and – showtime! No cutting up paper or gluing parts together.

I couldn't find anything like this on the Internet, but went on pondering about the idea, building up a picture in my mind of the whole family gathering together in the evening to perform a play at a home shadow theatre.

Having a degree in marketing and being a facilitator at heart, I prefer a system-based approach, rising to the challenges and handling them well. So I decided to bring my idea to life as a project.

First, I learned about the technical aspects of laser cutting and paper types. Then I checked out hundreds of professional illustrators until I found someone who was ideal for my vision. In November 2017 I launched a crowdfunding campaign to see if there might be a demand for books such as this.

Today SHAPLABOO™ is an international team. We design our product in Europe, manufacture it in Asia, and sale all around the world. We have published more than 13 stories, available in Europe, US, Canada and Australia. A copy of our Puss in Boots is now in the Charles Perrault Museum collection in France.

Nataly, SHAPLABOO Creator

This is how we produce our products

We make it out of high quality black carton and assemble each one manually🙌.